---Who We Are ---
   Dr. Marcus Johnson (Minister)                              Julee Johnson (Minister)

---About Us ---

The ministry of FHGH ministries is found in our history. As children, we did not know what it was to live in freedom in a relationship with the Father for we weren’t taught the principles of Christianity nor did we know or experience a personal friendship with God.

Marcus was born and raised in the Long Beach area of California. Marcus enlisted in the Army at the age of 18 as an Infantry Medic but reclassed two years later as an Aeroscout Observer. In 1994, Marcus was accepted into the US Army Officer Candidate School and was commissioned as an Officer in the Signal Corp (Information Technology).  Marcus is a veteran of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Upon his retirement from the Army in 2007, Marcus served in several IT Leadership positions throughout Tennessee and Florida in government, the private sector, and the non-profit world (ministry).  Marcus was almost 40 years old when he accepted Christ and is a walking testimony of what God’s love can do for a hard headed and heavy hearted man.

Marcus’s heart calling is leadership, men’s ministry, and the truth of what is happening to our religious freedoms and constitutional liberties across America. Marcus seeks to inform Christians and others, through the articles he writes and by providing many well researched resources. His purpose is to help educate Christians about the godly heritage of the United States of America as well as to help men, in their awareness, that it is never too late to come to Jesus. His passion is to provide a spark that will empower more Christians to stand up for righteousness. Marcus believes it is a responsibility to share the truth about our country’s foundation and has plans to expand his resources and media capabilities to do so. Marcus believes that educating people will bring change and restoration to our nation as God uses His people to bring about His purpose. Marcus’s steadfastness, patience and obedience in waiting to hear God’s voice is a cornerstone of FHGH Ministries.

Julee is the daughter of a 20 year Air Force veteran and was raised in Clarksville, TN. She married Marcus at the age of 18 after graduating from High School and gave birth to their first child the following year. Five weeks after giving birth to their first child, Christoffer, they moved as a family to Germany; 4 months later Marcus was deployed to Operation Desert Storm. Marcus would be gone for 6 months, but it was during this time that Julee grew to love Jesus.

Julee’s heart calling is geared towards the life restoring freedom that Jesus obtained for us on the cross for health and healing. Over the years, God has provided Julee with many opportunities to share her testimony and the life-changing message of the Gospel. After spending 18 years as a military wife all over the world, as well as dealing with the struggles of everyday life, Julee knows first hand the freedom to live victoriously by applying God’s Word to her life and in turn desires to help others do the same. Julee believes that educating people about health in their bodies, their spirit, their finances, and their soul will bring change and restoration to the children of God so that He can, in turn, use His people to bring about His purpose. Julee’s passion, love of Jesus, and forthrightness serves as another cornerstone of FHGH Ministries.

In February 2011, Marcus and Julee joined the unfortunate ranks as a Goldstar Family when they received the devastating news that their oldest son Christoffer died will serving as an Air Force Security Airman in Qatar. This would prove to be both a dark period and an enlightening period of their lives. Over the next three years, in the lowest and darkest point of their lives, they found peace in God for the first time ever. In their brokenness and confusion, He broke through the night. He became their hope, He became their greatest love. He taught them how to live, together, under a renewed experience and relationship with our Father.

It was in Chrstoffer’s death that they came to finally understand what it means to live in Faith, Honor, Glory and Hope – it is engraved in his tombstone. In 2017, Marcus and Julee started to feel the tug in their hearts for ministry and finally, in 2019, they followed the calling on their hearts, took a leap of faith, and have founded FHGH Ministries. FHGH Ministries is based on Faith, Honor, Glory, and Hope – with Jesus Christ as the foundation in the life testimony for Marcus and Julee. In combination with their deep ties to the military and defense of the nation, coupled with their numerous trials and challenges over the last 30 years, they recognize they could not have possibly gotten through it all without Jesus at their side; they came to understand their purpose to give back to defend and empower current and future Christians to know and understand the FREEDOM they have in Christ and country. Marcus and Julee are, and continue to be, an incredible testimony of the dynamic, redeeming work of Jesus Christ.

Marcus and Julee both hold a diploma from Rhema Correspondence Bible School. Marcus also holds a Doctor of Ministry from Christian Leadership University and Julee is currently a student of Charis Bible College operated by Andrew Womack ministries. Marcus and Julee have been married for almost thirty years and they are the parents of three grown children. Marcus and Julee make their home in Clermont, Florida.