What do you want people to know about you?

Today is my birthday and here is my wish – What do you want people to know about you?

It can be tempting to develop our online presence with a focus on impressing others: nice meals we’re enjoying, exotic places we’re visiting, popular people we’re spending time with. Those things are fine to share. But Jesus didn’t say He would use our accomplishments to draw people to Himself. He said that it would be our love (John 13:35). 

In transparency, I like to share some of my hobbies online (such as wood working, my book writing, or one of my favorite pastimes of smoking meat of different varieties). In fact, I foresee a very near future endeavor to make bacon for the first time and I will share it all in it’s glory, whether it turns out good or nasty. Why? Because it is fun.

However, for 2020, I would challenge you to start making it a habit to regularly share His transforming love.  Yes, I suppose it is ok to share headlines of what is happening in the world around us as I don’t believe that Christians ought to bury their heads in the sand.  BUT, and this is a large BUT, we should also flood social media platforms with His good news as well. In fact, I would offer that if you share something negative or fanatical, then you are now responsible to share a minimum of two positive items for every negative or sensationalized item you share. Would that be bad?  

Romans 10:10 (NASB), for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation.

Start Small…

Sharing a Bible verse, something historically positive, or a quote that is motivating in social media is easy. You can even share content from devotionals you are reading or from a book that you are thoroughly enjoying.  Some of you seem to find it easy to share a news headline or a popular humorous meme, why is sharing a bible verse so hard?

…Then Build Your Habit.

Once you’ve shared a few times, set a goal to share something positive and uplifting, something motivating, every day for a week (I still say you should share two positives for every negative bit of news you share). It won’t be long before you realize you have turned this into a wonderful habit. In fact, you may even feel some degree of regret if you miss a day.

Perhaps it is simply because I am getting older but I’d like to think that this is on my heart because the world around us is imploding, due in large part to the fakeness and highly addicting negativity that surrounds us (for those that pay attention anyway). We are losing our identity, who we are and who we were meant to be.

People today are confused, misoriented, and not aligned with the true reality of what they were meant to be. The hears of people are falling into an abyss, and it is sad to say that some will never recover.

Some people refuse to share news headlines or political spin meme’s at all. They wont even acknowledge them when they come across their wall, twitter feed, or other social media platform of choice. I suppose there is a healthy attitude to this, as long as they don’t isolate themselves from the world – where are the sinners located after all?

Nonetheless, Stop being so negative…

Too many people focus way too much attention on the negative truths while ignoring the positive truths. Some will even spread negative information without fact checking it. Did you know the world will lie to you? “The Democrats did this blah blah blah. President Trump did this and that blah blah blah.”  People are consumed by it, forgetting the positive stuff or, much worse, being blinded to the positives.  Some people see these present days as a sign that the end times are here, as prophesied in scripture. They shout that we are “closer than ever to the return of Jesus”, just look at what is happening around us in nature, or the hearts of people.

Of course we are closer to His return, every day is closer whether it is next week or the next century.  But this does not mean that we should stop “whispering His love to all that are willing to hear”.

…and start spreading His love. 

We can share “factual” headlines BUT we must balance, or overwhelm, the world with His good news more so.  It comes down to your priorities.  What are your priorities?  To share His truth or to share the latest drama? 

I wonder what would happen if we flood the mind killing social media world with His good news in a ratio of 3:1 as compared to the negative junk.  Or 4:1. How about 5:1?   

Remain situationally aware my brothers and sisters, our nation is at stake and this is true. However, His truth is also at stake and that should be our top priority – to keep His truth moving forward.  This is what I want people to know about me.