What About the November Elections?

Biden warned Trump not to move the election in an interview with the Today show this week, where he suggested the November presidential election is laid out in the Constitution. The election cycle is laid out by statute, so while you will not find it in the Constitution itself, he is partially correct. 

“Let’s be clear,” Hillary Clinton tweeted. “Trump does not have the power to cancel or postpone the November election.”

The irony and problem with what Biden and H.C are warning is that Trump hasn’t spoken on the issue – not once. However, maybe they had some form of prophetic vision or something, where they saw Trump taking action. Or, the most likely scenario, they are operating in a state of anxiety about Trump – in their world, he is unpredictable and this scares them (I could go deep on this topic alone). 

Elections have been delayed only one time in history – and that was for a mid term congressional election in Georgia in 2018. I find it ironic that we have more problems in our modern society than in the past, but I must move on. 

Who has the authority to delay the election in November, if that is what is deemed necessary? Under our Constitution, the executive branch has no authority whatsoever to delay, reschedule or otherwise change the federal election in November. On the other hand, Congress and the states do have that authority. State governments can change the dates of their presidential primaries or whatever other state primaries they are holding. 

The Democratic Party is arguing for paper mail in ballots, the Republican Party is fighting this. If our Presidential election is managed via paper mail in ballots, a system in which none of our states are prepared to handle (not even Wisconsin which many tout as having the best absentee ballot system of all 50 states), we may not know who has won the election until after the constitutionally mandated swearing in date of 20 January (20th Amendment). And, even then, it is very likely the loser will fight the results in court, citing anomalies in, you guessed it, the mail in paper counting system. 

So, what is the solution? Well, this is based on your opinion of which there are 340 million opinions. My opinion is that we cancel the apocalypse and open the country back up for business and hold our elections the way we always have. But this is because I hold a God view of things and not a world view. It is also based on my views of our US Constitution. 

What can you do? Email your congress person and state your case, as a voting constituent, of what you think is the right solution for the November elections. If you don’t, you have nothing to complain about come November. Do not forget to include your state representatives – remember, states have more control of the election process than federal.