The prodigal father

In the Book of Luke, we read Jesus Parable of the prodigal son, but is it also possible that this parable can also apply to a Prodigal father? 


Some men come to Christ late in life, and sometimes, their children are grown.  Scripture reminds us that the man is to be the spiritual head of the household, along with principals on how to raise their children amongst others.  As the man in this example digs deeper into the Word of God and he begins to realize that he missed it, the guilt can be strong, particularly if their children are not leading the lives they would want for them, or, when they realize that they had been absent from their children’s lives – giving a sense of “it is too late now. I messed up.”  For a man at this stage of his life, this revelation can cause the man to progress with a broken spirit.

However, what does God have to say that can help the prodigal father with a broken spirit? 

In Psalm 51:17, we read that the God actually desires a broken spirit, because this is when the man, in this case, realizes that he needs help and comes to Him. This is when “help” is something that only the Lord can provide, requiring humility, strength, and courage.

Fathers may have to admit to their families that they did not carry out their God commanded responsibilities to be the spiritual head of the house. The father should ask forgiveness from his family and pray that through this example of reconciliation his adult children will be pointed to Christ. As we see in Psalm 51:17, God honors a broken and contrite heart.

A dad can sit down with each child and explain how he now sees things and admit he should have done things very differently in regard to their upbringing. He should let them know he has confessed this to the Lord and then ask them to forgive him, even if they don’t understand what this means right now.

The prodigal father makes the decision that he is determined to move forward as an example to them of what a good father can be. Then the father needs to spend much time in prayer with his spouse for their children, grandchildren, and the generations to come if necessary. Prayer is the source of our power, according to James 5:16, prayer is highly effective when offered by the one who has confessed his sins – an act that a righteous person does.

But wait, there’s more. For the prodigal father, God has more to say. 

In Hebrews 9:14, we see that the blood of Christ has cleansed our conscience from our [past] acts that were leading us to death. 

There was no timeline placed on this, or a length of time that your past can be forgiven, as if there is some form of cut off point. That is good news, but wait, it doesn’t stop there.

In Rev 2:17, John shares a vision where Jesus is going to give us, meaning believers who have been cleansed by the blood of Christ, a white stone. 

Why did Jesus promise a white stone in Revelation 2:17? What is the significance?

In both ancient Rome and ancient Greece, black and white stones were used when voting. In the case of Roman trials, judges would cast a black stone for guilty or a white stone for not guilty. In Greece, citizens would vote on an issue by casting a black stone against the issue or a white stone in support of the issue.  In both of these examples, we conclude that a white stone is used when in support of something. In Jesus case, His white stone is cast for you. His white stone means that He has reviewed all of the evidence, all of the data, and He has judged in your favor. 

When Christ promised a white stone to the believers who overcame, he was not only announcing freedom, forgiveness, and acquittal from a past sinful life, but he was also telling them, my vote is for you. I am putting my full support behind you.

A white stone in Revelation 2:17 declares that Christ has found us not guilty and that he is putting his full support behind you and me. Christ is voting for us!  Including The Prodigal Father.

Men like me, who came to the Truth a little later in life, that you have been forgiven and washed in the precious blood of Christ, you are forgiven – period. The devil may try to hassle you in your mind and torment you with past memories that God himself doesn’t remember. Since His blood was applied to your life, He has found you completely blameless and free from shame.

If it doesn’t feel at the moment like anyone else is for you, just remember that Christ himself has cast his vote for you. My friend, if Jesus has cast His vote for you – and He has – you can throw off all despair and start rejoicing, because the one vote that really matters has been cast in your favor!