The Bible and the US Constitution – Both are Controversial in Days Like This.

Within the borders of the United States (and outside to some extent I suppose), the only document more controversial than the Bible, is the US Constitution. 


  1. Both of these documents discuss what true freedom is, how to attain that freedom, and how to maintain it.
  2. They both discuss liberty and what it means to be truly liberated and truly alive.
  3. They both state rules that people don’t like.
  4. They both provide for a system of judgment.
  5. Both documents were written before anyone today was alive (except Jesus Christ of course). 
  6. Opponents of both documents state that neither document still applies because of how “society” has evolved. Make no mistake, the opponents are wrong.
  7. Both documents still have their ardent Pharisee’s and their Sadducee’s; but they both also have true believers that know how to operate in faith and respect.
  8. Both documents include the written Word of God (yes, the Constitution is significantly based on Scripture, the three branches of government are the most obvious example of this).
  9. Wars have been fought over both of them. 


The Bible remains Supreme and has survived for thousands of years, even though there have been numerous attempts to suppress it.

The US Constitution remains that longest surviving Constitution in world history, and there are regular attempts, past and present, to suppress it. 

There are nations around the world that continue to weep for the day that they can finally have a Bible in their hand, and a Constitution exactly like the USA, that they can depend on.

Both the Bible and the Constitution are the most misinterpreted, abused, and misused documents over any others in global history. Yet, there are others that know, and believe in, the truths that both documents praise and admonish. 

Both documents have been fought and died over. And yes, I believe in all my heart that both documents are still worth fighting and dying for. Yet, we have people that are willing to sacrifice one, or both, because they are afraid of death. My friends, there are things more important than dying, if you know, adhere, believe, and love what Scriptures tell us.

Biblical and spiritual freedom, as ordained in the written Word of God, also means to be free from the fear of physical death. For those that prefer a more secular approach, then perhaps the words of Patrick Henry are more edifying, when he said “Give me Liberty, or give me death!”. This is what men believed, how they lived, in the tumultuous times during the fight for freedom and Independence. But it also helps that he, and men like him, were God fearing men. Men that wrote the US Constitution.

Nonetheless, people that actually take time to read these controversial documents, meditate on what these documents really have to say, abide by them exactly as written, help to enforce them, and continue to teach on them – these people live the most free, the most liberated, and recognize honor and glory for what it truly is. 

I love God and I love my country. Both documents point to the philosophy of love and the value of men. The Constitution was written from the hearts of men who were focused on love of God first and love of country second, intent on a moral and God fearing society for future generations that the writers themselves would never get to witness. The people that truly understand and live by what the Bible and the Constitution have to say are the most honorable and humble people on earth – until you challenge and fight them on these very documents.

The Bible comes first and the US Constitution comes second. God’s authority (logos Scripture) is first before men’s authority. 

I am one that will do my part, whatever it may be, to preclude forces opposed to both documents, to push me into a corner where they want me to hunker in a bunker with my arms wrapped around my knees. Instead, I intend to stand my ground on both of them, the Bible in my right hand and the US Constitution in my left.

Is this position controversial? Yes, but it is because of what these documents represent and what they have to say, not necessarily because of my stance. Yet, I know that people like me are hated and despised, but I am not afraid. Because both the Bible and the Constitution, were written for men like me to allow people like that to have the freedom to do exactly that. 

I want nothing more than to tell everybody about somebody that saved a nobody like me. I want people to live free, not just because of the Word of God, but also because the nation in which they are a citizen, has also provided for that same liberty and freedom that the Bible offers. If I must perish as a result of this, then I accept that.


I don’t want to die today, but if I must, then I fully intend to die on my feet, under God’s terms, not man’s. Glory to God!