Joe Biden Denied Communion

A bishop in South Carolina refused to allow communion for Joe Biden due to the VP’s stance on abortion. A few days later, a bishop in New York also stated that he would not allow communion for Joe Biden for the same reason. In his defense, Joe Biden did not speak out negatively of the bishops; however, he did state that while he is a faithful Catholic, it was not his job to “push” his faith on others. His assertion is that while he may personally dislike the idea of abortion, it was not his responsibility to support a policy that would prohibit those that want an abortion from having one. 

A few observations about Biden’s position, in which he is far from alone:

  1. Biden’s position on abortion has changed over the last 40 years in a way that mimic’s what culture is telling him. When abortions were not viewed favorably, he spoke out against it. Now that culture celebrates abortion, he supports it.
  1. Biden’s fear of man (i.e., likability and electability) is significantly stronger than his fear of God.
  1. Did He pray about, or ask God, what position to take in reference to abortion?
  1. It is not for me to question or judge his faith; however, if he truly believes that he will be standing before God upon his death, then he also believes that God will support his decision to support abortion and the killing of babies. I do wonder what he believes the Lord will say to him about this topic? I truly wonder what his heart is telling him.
  1. When he states “push” in reference to placing his faith on others, this language is very strong and I question his word choice and his view of what it means to truly believe and practice a Christian faith. Would it be wrong for him to state that his “faith is the foundation of my values and I value all life. While I am obligated to support abortion because that is the current law of the land, I cannot in good “faith” be in support of the procedure itself as this would conflict with my faith and my values.”?

In fact, I have to wonder what all professed Christians, that support abortion, truly believe they will hear when they are standing before our Father. Do they truly believe that He will be ok with it?

Some believers may believe that they can compromise their faith in favor of the right to “reproductive health care”, but I am one that does not believe they can support this in Scripture. My heart breaks not only for the children that are murdered in the name of health care, but my heart also breaks for believers that think abortion is ok. 

Just a thought.

God bless.