How My Desires Nearly Destroyed Me

1 Tim 3:1 (NIV), Here is a trustworthy saying: Whoever aspires to be an overseer desires a noble task.
Phil 3:14 (NASB), I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.
In 1 Timothy, Paul was instructing Timothy to choose people for church leadership roles who have the specific quality of “desire”. While this verse is in reference to a position in Church leadership, we can have desires for other things, as long as they remain a noble desire in the eyes of God.
The word “desire” describes a longing, a craving, an urge, a burning desire, or a yearning ambition to achieve something. A person so fixed on the object of his desire that his whole being is stretched forward to take hold of that goal or object, and he will not be satisfied until he reaches and obtains it.
Paul held the qualification of “desire” above everything else in his list of requirements for leaders – and it takes only a few personal experiences with “desireless” people to clearly understand why he did this.
We also find in Scripture that we, as believers, need to press on toward the goal of the prize to be found in Jesus Christ. 
Whatever our desire, whatever we deem a prize, we are to press on – as long as we know, that we believe, that our desire is good in the eyes of our Father.
Before Christ, I was a driven man, in pursuit of success no matter the cost. Pat Morley refers to this as “success sickness”.  My mission, my objectives, were more important to me than anything else, including people. If someone told me “no” when I wanted a “yes”, then I would do whatever it would take to turn that no into a yes. For the most part, I was honorable and followed the rules, but, the rules did not say anything about relationships and people.
You too will run into many obstacles in life that no one prepared you to face, possible even people. However, your obstacle may be money, a regulation, or something technical.  No matter what your obstacle may be, if you have the inward desire to achieve your goal:
  • Any obstacle can be overcome
  • Any challenge can be conquered
  • Any mountain can be successfully climbed


Paul stressed the importance of “desire” because it is absolutely fundamental to achieving success in any arena of life. If your level of “desire” is strong, it doesn’t matter if you’re ill equipped or uninformed. You will complete your assigned task because your inward determination and resolve will not let you give up!

“Desire” pertains to anyone who desires to reach “….the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus” (Phil 3:14) for their own lives.  But, be careful, because “a human mad with desire is more fearsome than a demon. Be careful with your desires.

For me, the easiest obstacle to get through were people. I did accomplish my missions and my objectives most of the time, but I destroyed a lot of relationships along the way, and it came “to hurt me back” later in life.  I did not conduct myself with grace nor mercy. I was graceless and merciless.

Each persons calling is different, and you are uniquely gifted to fill a specific role within the great plan of the Father. However, to truly realize your potential, you must possess a strong inner desire – a desire that refuses to quit at all costs and continually presses forward to reach new heights.

Go for it, but don’t do what I did. Ensure that you are acting in a way that honor’s Jesus as you do it.