God ~IN~ Country: Part 7 – Christians Must Be Engaged

As citizens of America, we have spent too much time running with mindless sheep strictly following the will of man. Now, these same people (the mindless sheep), think it strange that you do not run with them anymore and they now speak behind your back or spew hatred at you directly. In either case, our current political and cultural environment is impacting your ability to preach the Gospel beyond the walls of your church building. Therefore, Christians MUST be engaged in politics and culture; else the attempts to “privatize” Christian values can prevail. “Well, God will take care of it.” God takes care of things through His people.

We have people at work to privatize our cultural values. Privatization is a process that forces a disconnect between private and public lives. Basically, keep your most sacred beliefs private.  The secular, and liberal, mindset is to keep church in church and don’t you dare do it anywhere else. I use to believe that, even telling my wife after she came to Christ to keep at the door of our house. Man, was I wrong! It is these sets of man made rules that impact what you do every day. Politics AFFECTS what you say from the pulpit and what and how you operate beyond the walls of the Church.

Jesus chastised the Pharisee’s in Matthew 23 for having neglected the more important matters of the law (justice, mercy, etc). Sometimes Jesus was right in your face and telling you that you need to change. Jesus was tough, not the politically correct, feminized Jesus.  We have a party that does not care if you have religious objections against abortion or homosexuality and their positions are becoming significantly more aggressive and open. You either comply or we will persecute you, we will hurt you, we will remove you.

In Canada, after significant Christian activism, theaters finally relented and planned to show the movie “Unplanned”. However, soon after they made this decision, they received death threats as well as threats of mass violence if they did this. The result was that the theaters removed the movie again. This is what the progressive movement is all about – forcing you to comply, or else!  And, making it worse, the current senior politicians in office in Canada, support the removal of this movie and are speaking out against its message. The issues are real and the threat is real – but we cannot sit back, we have an opportunity in America to be engaged, be involved, in civil engagement.

Christians have a wide variety of political notions but we need to be informed of the policies, engaged in the process, and active in the promotion of godly discourse. As we live our lives, we are to keep our eye on the permanent Kingdom of Heaven, but we should also keep our other eye on the culture in which we live.  We should never come to a place where we are Hope-less, where we despair.

Kings rule, and while there may be people at work to influence who that is going to be, but God over-rules. Here, today, American’s live in a nation that, as Lincoln put it, “in a Government of the people, by the people, for the people.”  Jesus said to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s; but, we get to vote in our Caesar, the people of Jesus time did not. So, in order to obey that command, remember our dual citizenship; responsible in the Kingdom and responsible on the earth as well.

Christian citizens support their nation best when they are both patriotic and prophetic. From a Christian perspective, patriotism entails a healthy love of country that recognizes their nation state as a gift of God. That gift is good, but like all of God’s earthly gifts, it is temporal and imperfect. Also like other divine gifts, it requires careful stewardship. Christians, then, do not have the option to opt out of the system. Rendering to Caesar means voting, paying taxes, and being informed about issues, both national and local.