God ~IN~ Country: Part 6 – Our National Birth Certificate

Our Declaration of Independence is our nations birth certificate – it sets forth the philosophy of our country. It is also noteworthy that every single right written on the Declaration had been preached from the pulpit prior to 1773. Basically, the Declaration of Independence is a set of sermon topics. The Declaration of Independence concludes, in the last paragraph, by appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world. That can only be our Lord and Father.

We have those in service in the government that continue to push to turn portions of God’s word into political issues, thereby, causing Churches to break the law if they speak on it. Unfortunately, I continue to read about and see videos where Christians support these moves in government. We might as well start tearing chapters of the bible out of our books, else we will break the law if we speak on it.

Christians cannot remain silent. Christians should not wait until election seasons to be engaged and involved. The Lord warns us in Isaiah 56:10 that His Leaders, of His people, are blind and ignorant, like watchdogs with no bark. They would rather be lazy, sleeping and dreaming.

How would you feel if your human father felt about you that way? Would you do anything to change his mind?

So, the number of messages and issues are huge, I am overwhelmed and feel like a fish out of water. What do I do with all of this? Not every issue will resonate with you, not every issue will hold a place in your heart; but there are those that will. When you hear of, or read about, something happening in our culture, be it in government or something else, and it resonates with you: you think on it (meditate), you learn all you can about it (study), and you get informed (you gain knowledge).

You do this long enough to get prepared, ready, and vigilant. We can then respond accurately, and with specificity, in prayer and in our activities. We absolutely need Christians involved in the actual cultural and political processes, we need to help shape policy.

We keep one eye, always, on God and trusting Him, but, the only thing needed for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing. So, if you are ok with things getting worse, then do nothing. If you are NOT ok with things getting worse, then do something.

The role of the church and the role of the Christian are not the same.  The church should be more careful than the Christian as we interact in our communities and society. I do believe it to be true that Pastors must focus on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but I do not believe that Pastors should be avoiding topics about our national climate or current events. As a matter of fact, I believe this to be dangerous. Recall the story from Jeremiah where we had Jews exiled in Babylon and their lives were miserable because they refused to pray for their government and speak out about issues that impacted their community.

It has been said, by some ministers and pastors, that when a Pastor dabbles in politics, he is prostituting himself away from the Gospels. This could not be further from the truth and history indicates this. Our culture is in crisis and it is because influential ministers have been sharing the wrong message and driving Christians away from the culture. What about the Pastors that do not speak about politics and culture because they are afraid of the government, or, they are afraid that they will offend some of their constituents?  Fear is faith too. Some believe that the Church thrives best when it is under persecution.

Who is he that will harm you, if you follow what is good? When they defame you, those who revile your good conduct in Christ will eventually be ashamed.