God ~IN~ Country: Part 5 – Christian Profile of Leadership

God becomes your problem when you remove Him. If, then, God is your problem, your first concern should not be who is in the White House, but who is in your house.  If He is causing your distress, then time shouldn’t be wasted on putting someone into office who can take care of our distress, but on getting God back on our side. We can operate by ensuring our candidates will hold up to His principles. We also do this be reviving the church back to the glory that God expects and desires. It is not that Jesus Church is not operating in glory for the Kingdom, but, glory is waning in the nation, where we, and the flock lives. 

AID’s is a disease that does not kill you, but it does destroy your immune system which allows other diseases to come in and kill your body. God’s immune system in our culture, is the Church. When the immune system breaks down, culture breaks down. Until the immune system of God, the church, is brought back up, the viruses of destruction will continue to destabilize our country, ebb away at our freedoms, and take away our liberty.

There are forces at work to remove, or rewrite, the true founding of America which is part of the makeup of our heritage. These same forces are working diligently and strategically to remove the basic foundational truths of God’s Word from our culture. They are stealing godly “moral correctness” and are misappropriating it by stating that true moral correctness is whatever we, as men, decide it is. Therefore, biblical moral correctness is now immoral because it violates whatever a person determines to be morally correct at that point in time.

Karl Marx said, “Take away the heritage of the people, and they are easily persuaded”.  It is also written in Psalm 11:3 “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”  This is what the evil forces are doing.

Some believe that Trump does not fit the profile that Christians want in their President but let’s be clear, I do not believe that it is he that is destroying our national foundations, he is fighting to protect them. Trump is working as hard as possible to protect both our heritage and our religious freedom, and he is fighting against extraordinary forces to do this. Trump hates politics, although he loves the challenge. Trump may speak like a soldier in combat (via Twitter), but he will not back down and take flak from anyone. In the face of adversity, Trump is displaying more courage than many of us today.

Trump is extremely egotistical and he may even be a narcissist, but I believe that he loves this country – even if for selfish reasons. However, it does seem that there are other opposing forces that are, in fact, working diligently, piece by piece, to take away our American heritage and our religious liberties.

Regarding Trump not fitting a profile that many Christians expect or demand, we can take a look at some characters from the Bible. Cyrus, Nebuchadnezzar, and Xerxes amongst others, were pagan leaders that most definitely did not fit the godly profile of a leader, yet, they allowed, supported, endorsed, or pursued things that were good in the eyes of the Lord and for His people. God even referred to them as His servants. Can God not do this anymore? Have we boxed God in because Trump does not fit the profile of who we might consider a great and positive Christian man? 

Lets take a look at Jimmy Carter, who in the eyes of people at the time, absolutely fit the bill and profileof a born again believer. Many considered this critical and fit the desired profile, but is this what qualified him for the position?  While he was tremendously successful after his Presidency, with habitat for humanity and other philanthropic efforts, he is considered by many to have been the worse President in history, yet he espoused Christianity and his beliefs to anyone that would hear him.

Proverbs 13:34, “Righteousness exalts a nation”. How do you measure righteousness? God’s standards. How do you get God’s standards for a nation? In one particular verse, Isaiah 1:26, God is speaking to Isaiah, “Then I will give you good judges again and wise counselors like you used to have. Then Jerusalem will again be called the Home of Justice and the Faithful City.”

This verse tells us that righteousness is tied to a nation based on the types of judges you have.Who appoints judges in the US? The President. So, while most think that it is the President that exalts righteousness on a nation, it is really the judges that he appoints; this is why we have seen so much attention on judge appointments since President Trump has taken office. 

So, if during a Presidential election you cannot make a clear decision on which candidate to vote for, take a look at the types of judges they will appoint, for that is what exalts righteousness on a nation. Also remind yourself that most of these appointments are for life, so, as judges are appointed, they could impact the court systems for 3-4 decades.

Finally, watch what our current leaders and potential future leaders exhibit regarding their positions about Israel. When it comes to perspectives on executive, judicial and legislative activity, we shall never forget what God told Abraham in Genesis 12, in that He was going to make a nation out of Abraham and “whomever blesses I will bless and whomever curses I will curse”. Based on that, if we ever have legislation that passes in opposition to Israel, then God will, in turn, oppose our nation. We should continue to monitor what our elected officials are doing in office, and, the stance of candidates during election cycles.