God ~IN~ Country: Part 4 – God Removed From Culture

Too many people are NOT standing on Gods Word, they are being swayed by culture and they are unfortunately adapting to cultural issues that are contrary to God’s Word. We have denominational divides that look eerily similar to those we see in political parties. It is a fascinating thing to review if you care to look at political parties and our denominational churches. It is glaringly obvious that man has infiltrated his ways into God’s Church.

However, we can see by Paul’s example, that he did not isolate himself from culture, but he also did not immerse himself in it, he strived to influence and impact culture. Review the story in Acts about Mars Hill.

Everywhere he went, he was engaged. Sometimes it resulted in revolt, but other times it resulted in revival. Not because he was hiding his light, he was open and he was bold. Sometimes, they chased him out of town with clubs. Should we, as a body, be afraid of that ourselves? Should we be afraid of people telling us that “we are narrow minded”? No. We need to retain focus, in the back of our minds, that we follow a crucified Christ.

Jesus tells us in Matthew that the gate is narrow, that it will be hard.  So we have to accept the idea that we may live in a culture that is not going to praise us. But God looks at us and He is pleased.

Robert Charles Sproul (a theological leader of the Presbyterian church (d. 2017)) said that “There are lots of people that say that the church or Christians should never say anything about what the government does, but that ignores the whole history of redemption all the way up to John the Baptist where the church has always been given the responsibility of prophetic criticism. Not that we want the state to be the church, but we do want the state to be the state. And when the state rebels against its God ordained responsibility, the church not only may, but it must, speak out against it.” 

Christ commanded us to take the Gospels to the nations. When we, as Americans think of this, we generally think of other nations but never our own. The USA is also one of the nations. Shall we not also work on our own backyard? It starts with the people, where the Church is primarily focused, in the hopes that the people will thrive and drive the culture of their nation.

Are there areas of our own nation that we are missing because we think someone else is working on that problem? If the church cannot or does not speak to community, state and national issues, then we are missing a big piece of the Gospel. 

We have forces on our government that want to make the people completely reliant on them, they say that we, the people, can depend on them; that they have our best interests in mind and will provide all our needs. I heard a pastor, Tony Evans, describe the children’s fable about Humpty Dumpty in a way that I had never heard before, and it is brilliantly fitting and ironic:

“When Humpty Dumpy fell off the wall, even all of the Kings Men and all the Kings horses could not put Humpy Dumpty together again.  The government could not help Humpty Dumpty in his most dire time of need. This is not a partisan statement, this is statement about government in general. We should never depend on our government. We must learn how to fish the way our Father intended and manage our own lives [the way our Founding Fathers intended]. Too many believe that our government will put our country back together again, as if we are expecting all of the answers to come from our elected officials. It is unfortunate today that far too many believers, are expecting the solutions to our problems to land on Air Force one.”

“2 Chron 15:3-6 reminds us that there was a time where the land was without the true God, without a teaching priest, and without law. Therefore, the result was that there was no peace, nation rose against nation, city against city, and there was no peace for him who came in nor him who went out. God had troubled them with every kind of distress.  What this tells us is that if God is the problem, then only God is your solution. God becomes our problem when we remove Him from the equation.”