God ~IN~ Country: Part 3 – God’s Word vs. Political Parties

The solution to how Christians might behave can actually be found in Jeremiah Chapter 29, versus 1-13. But first, we need to recognize that our hope is not, and can not, be built into any political party nor in any person, our hope is in the Father. We can look at the officials representative of the leading parties and then look to the Father to help us identify the officials that best represent the true biblical values we find in Scripture. The Biblical values and principles we should be concerned with will not impede, stop, or harass our ability to follow the prime commandments left to us by Jesus Christ. True Kingdom-like principles. But, until the Kingdom of Heaven comes to earth, we are here. We are here, and until then we, as Christians, have dual citizenship. What is the responsibility of the Christian community to the political environment? What about our responsibilities to the nation that we live in? How are we to act and behave in political seasons or the current cultural dilemma’s we now face? Uninformed, informed, sit it out, do anything, do nothing. And, if appropriate, at what level do we do something at?

  1. We should be responsible – Jeremiah 29:1-6, be responsible in your culture, be involved (this letter was sent to the exiles in Babylon, encouraging them because they were in a world that did not understand nor support their belief system, they did not sympathize with their values, and were even hostile to their values; similar to what Christians are living in today in Western Culture). We need Christians who are responsible in their culture.
  2. We should be prayerful – Jeremiah 29:7, be prayerful for your country. Your welfare is bound up in the welfare of your country. If you want God involved, then pray for your leaders, pray for your nation. Refusing to pray for our President, or condemning pastors that pray over him is, dare I say, not biblical.
  3. We should be careful – Jeremiah 29:8-9, be careful who you consider; the people in Babylon were becoming complacent in allowing things to run their natural course rather than operating in careful consideration
  4. And, we should be hopeful – Jeremiah 29:10-13, be hopeful in your calling. The Lord tells us that if we seek Him with all our heart, He listens and we will find Him, He will give us a future and a hope.

No matter what is happening today and no matter what happens in 2020, we have a future and a hope in God. You can always do more than pray after you’ve prayed, but you can never do more until you pray. This is where we start and the foundation of all of our activities.

Abraham Lincoln said that “those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord.”  Ronald Reagan said “that without God, democracy will not and can not endure. If we ever forget that we are one nation Under God then we will become one nation gone under.”

Some people, believers or not, would agree that our country is dividing more and more to a point where we wonder if it is even recoverable – another civil war is looming across the horizon. Some believe that there is no leader that can polarize our nation enough to bring us back together, or at least narrow the divide. However, we have a great God that is looking to the church to stand up, to look to Him, and bring in the LIGHT.

There are those that believe, with the right leader, the right person, we can bring our nation back together. America can be redeemed, but the difference is in our belief that we need God’s help. When Christians refuse to take a clear stand on specific issues, the church/the body of Christ is weakened.

How do we deal with all of this? We start in God’s Word first. Even as culture changes, God’s Word does not. Our foundation, when engaging in our culture, is to stick to the foundational truths of Scripture. Even if our culture changes, we still stand on TRUTH. We still stand on God’s Word.