God ~IN~ Country: Part 2 – Jesus, Democrat, and Republican

If Jesus were walking the earth today, I think many would agree that He would not be a member of a political party – He would be independent. Yet, these same people remain along the party line anyway. The Old and New Testament tribes have morphed into Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Socialist, Communist, Green Party and Tea Party amongst others. In the church, they have morphed into Presbyterian, Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran, Charismatic, Methodist, Episcopalian, and on and on. Back to the topic of politics, we would all agree that Democrats and Republicans own the political stage. This is good and bad.

The problem is that Democrats and Republicans are tailored made to resist one another (which is good and bad), they will never get along and will rarely agree (again, good and bad). There is nothing you can do to put Democrats and Republicans on the same page. If you consider yourself a Democrat, then I would encourage you to think “Democrat-lite”; likewise, if you consider yourself a republican, then I would encourage you to think “republican-lite”. But we also have a third element, another team of officials that I would encourage you to be a part of.

These officials are in the game, but they are not of the game. They are in the middle of the chaos but they do not belong to the chaos. It is not the job of these officials to listen to the roar of the crowd, be it boos or cheers, nor to the factions that are against each other. These officials belong to another Kingdom and they make their decisions reflective of the book handed to them from the Kingdom that they represent.

Because, it is our job, as Soldiers of Christ, to bring in the L-I-G-H-T, representing a different King in another Kingdom. So let’s represent the King.

Christians should serve as “a” moral compass for the nation, something that is sometimes hard to do if Christians allow themselves to become the property of one political party or subservient to one set of special interests. Like the court prophets of Ahab (1 Kings 22, 2 Chronicles 18), we lose our credibility and doom our listeners if we begin to parrot anyone’s party line rather than the ethical and moral principles we have gleaned from Scripture. Christian citizens serve their nation best when they can both love what is best about our nation and also insist on the freedom to hold our leaders and ourselves accountable when necessary.

The bible tells us in Romans 13 that God ordained human government. That chapter also tells us that we are subject to that government we are in. It seems odd to think that God would ordain government and then want Christians to stay out of it, it doesn’t make sense. In American culture, we don’t live in a totalitarian regime, we live in a culture that is constructed to involve ALL of its citizens.

In a pluralistic culture, the freedom to believe and disbelieve is made there; but what is happening is our nation is forming a monopoly, one that is starting to refuse to give you the freedom to express your belief. This is where we need to change and this change is not going to happen if Christians are not engaged, or not involved, in influencing our culture.

It is possible to be political and not truly spiritual, but, it is not possible to be genuinely spiritual and not touch politics. Example: life and death issues and abortion are moral issues but they are now ingrained in the political arena. Politics, to some degree, intercepts with every single person. Politics is the art of living together in a community. The current political climate is working diligently to politicize and appropriate your spirituality and spiritual beliefs. 

Plato said, that “the penalty that good men pay for not being interested in politics, is to be governed by those worse than themselves”.