God ~IN~ Country: Part 1 – Christians Duped Into Silence

Religion and Politics – how does just the mention of these topics make you feel? Are you uncomfortable? If so, why? Are you of the belief that we should not talk about these topics? If so, why?  Perhaps you are ok with talking about these with a limited trusted circle, but you would not talk about them with anyone else. What if you were invited to discuss one or both of them? 

As a Christian, do you believe that Christians have no place in politics? Do you believe that Christians should stay away from political or cultural debate? 

If the thought of discussing one of these topics during dinner or during a social engagement makes you feel anxious, fearful, angry, hateful, or stressed out, then I would recommend that you check the condition of your heart. With Jesus Christ inside of us, with the Holy Spirit as our guide, why should we fear, hate, or abstain from these discussions? 

Throughout the last few decades, I believe we have been slowly allowing ourselves to be taught two basic untruths about both the founding of our nation (government and politics), and, whether or not Christians should be involved in civil and cultural engagement (religion).  The premise of this debate is masked behind a community teaching that it is taboo to have discussions on two heartfelt, yet basic topics: religion and politics. Perhaps you stay away from these topics because you cannot handle or manage what you perceive will become confrontational.

We have been told not to bring up politics and almost more specifically, don’t bring up religion. Why? Because we have been taught that it divides people.  At a minimum, throughout my lifetime, we did stay away from them; however, the end result is that we are still divided on these topics and we are still sensitive to them, even though we followed the “society rule” of not talking about them. The way I see it, our nation is divided more than ever; therefore, the taboo, hands off approach to these topics, are, in reality, no longer relevant. There are active movements working, at large, to rewrite our history and, more importantly, to harden the line through legislation and the court systems to dictate what people of faith can teach, discuss, or share beyond the walls of the church building or the walls of your home.

It is my opinion that we can only unite if we open these channels back up and discuss them. I don’t think it is any longer about division, it is now about control of the narrative. Not only controlling anger, acrimony, and stress; but perhaps an intent to control behavior, beliefs, and resonance about what is happening to our Western Culture. But, admittedly, passions run very deep, even amongst evangelicals.

While I know this will cause some controversy amongst some denominational lines, I believe it is NOT biblically sound for Christians to be disengaged from societal and cultural discourse. In fact, I believe it to be irresponsible for Christians to not engage. I am going to share why I believe this while I will also sharing where the Judeo Christian God is, in fact, deeply ingrained into our founding document – The Declaration of Independence.

The result will be a blending of these two taboo topics: a blend of Christianity and Western Culture).

Let me be transparent and very specific that I believe that Christians have been duped into silence. Some will say that they know this, yet, they continue to remain silent anyway. Debate between faith, culture and social values “is vital for the healthy growth of a pluralist society.”

pluralistic society is one where people believe in all kinds of different things and tolerate each other’s beliefs even when they don’t match their own. Tolerate being the key word.

Sometimes, biblical Christianity requires a little backbone, not only to stand up for your beliefs, but also to talk about and accept the idea that there will always be opposing views of the Christian faith. If the clergy back in the Revolutionary War period stood by what Christians hold to today or what our modern secular society tells you that you are allowed and not allowed to do or say, we would absolutely not have a country today – we would likely still be beholden to a monarchy, or something worse. I believe that the birth of our nation dramatically changed the world, and this due to the fingerprint of God. In fact, this is almost specific to what the Revolutionary War clergy stood up for – and this can be found in the Declaration itself.

But things have changed, and not in a good way. Some argue that the negative change began in 1963, while others place the blame squarely on the shoulders of President Trump. The timing does not matter and, this is most definitely not the fault of President Trump; but I do believe that his election has shined a light into the world that many refer to as the “Deep State”. I posit that the negative changes in culture are due, predominantly, because of the church. The church has abdicated and walked away. Additionally, many Christians have not taken their responsibilities of serving as “the governed” seriously, but this is also attributed to the church. 

We have allowed our personal political bias’s to take front stage before biblical principals. Over many decades going back, I would say, a century or so, we have slowly allowed the rule of man to overrule and take over the political parties where Jesus and Lord are no longer the driving purpose. The result is that we have Christians that legislate, think, behave, and vote strictly along party lines.  Political parties are man made entities, a means of grouping people into like and similar philosophies.  Scripture teaches us that we are not supposed to be of the world, so then why do Christians follow the party line instead of the line sketched out by Jesus Christ.