Former Transgender Warning – A Podcast

Sometimes, we come across cultural issues that are very tough to listen to, much less have a discussion about it. One cultural item that can be very uncomfortable, emotional, or challenging to discuss is that of the Transgender lifestyle. Even if topics like this are uncomfortable, as Christians we should be willing to be aware, be open to talking about it, and not shy away.

In early August 2019, I spent a few days at the Texas State Capital participating in an event known as The Patriot Academy. While there, I met and had the opportunity to have a few short discussions with a man named Kevin Whitt. Wow, what a testimony from a man that has been redeemed from the LGBTQ lifestyle, something that he began while a teenager. God has definitely placed His hand on the heart of Kevin and healed him from a lifestyle that in his words “is dangerous”.

The Lord has truly blessed Kevin and he has a very bright future as he is beginning a ministry for those that are challenged by, and in recovery from, the LGBTQ lifestyle. Kevin is also connected with several state legislators around the country as he shares his thoughts about impacts on children that adults are leading to altering their sexual identity.

Kevin recently participated in an interview during a radio show with Wallbuilders (Tim Barton and Rick Green). A link to the podcast version of the radio show is below for those that may interested in hearing about this cultural issue from the perspective of someone that lived that lifestyle for over 20 years. God bless.