Dysfunctional “Bible” Families

Did you know that some of the most prolific characters, and hero’s, of the Bible were part of what many might consider “dysfunctional families”?

The very first family, Adam and Eve, were dysfunctional (Cain killed Abel). King David was part of a dysfunctional family (he had relations with a married woman and had her husband killed). King Ahab married Jezebel (enough said on that one). Even Abraham and Sarah were dysfunctional (he gave his wife away, twice; Sarah gave permission to Abraham to “lay with” another woman).

What about the story of Joseph and his family? His brothers sold him off to slavery because they were jealous. Even Joseph and Mary left a 12 year old Jesus behind, they forgot about Him. You can probably think of more examples yourself.

No matter how dysfunctional you think your family may be, this does not mean that the Lord cannot use you or use your family. In some examples of Some people are tearing themselves down because of their family dysfunction and have given up hope of any glory or blessings in their lives. This is what some in the world want you to believe, but it is not the truth of what God can do or what God expects – the bible is clear about this truth.

While our earthly family may cause us some distress, continue on your race, continue on your path for the Lord is like a candle under your feet. He will guide you, if only you will allow Him and stop allowing your family situations to distract you.