Doing “things” That Honor Jesus

Colossians 3:17 (NASB), Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.


This verse is one that should truly convict us – it has really convicted me, multiple times unfortunately. This morning, this verse brought tears to my eyes as I viewed it in respective of my own actions.

Excerpted, paraphrased, and adapted from Sparkling Gems II by Rick Renner.

The Holy Spirit lives inside of you if you have been born again, and your body is His temple here on earth. You should think once, twice, or more about everything you do.

Whatever you say, do, watch, or participate in, you involve Him because He lives inside you. If you can say and do such things, knowing those words and deeds will bless the Holy Spirit and honor the name of Jesus, then go ahead and say and do them, but if you are even a bit concerned that what you say or do will grieve the Spirit or bring dishonor to the name of Jesus, you should refrain from it.

In the KJV, the word “whatsoever” is used in lieu of “whatever”. This tells us that God is concerned about every action in our lives – not only the large ones, but even the smallest.

The word “do” infers any action that one does, which tells us that we must be careful about whatever we say and do, for every little action has an impact on our internal Resident, the Holy Spirit.

“Word” means that our words have an impact on the indwelling Holy Spirit and the manner in which we honor the Lord Jesus.

In Ephesians 4:29-30, we are commanded, “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers. And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God…

“Corrupt” communication grieves the Holy Spirit. Corrupt describes anything that is rank, foul, putrid, rotten, corrupt, or worthless. This could include gossipy language or simply putrid talk. “Grieve” means that it deeply pains the Spirit when a believer talks in this fashion.

The word “deed” would include our treatment of others, how we handle our money, what we do with our time, what we look at on TV or on the Internet. “Deed” is all inclusive of everything.

The word “all” refers to everything – nothing is excluded.

If you will listen to the indwelling Holy Spirit, you will know when your actions or deeds grieve Him. When that occurs, simply back off, immediately repent, and resolve not to do it again.