The US Constitution is NOT a Living Document.

     I pray for the day when we finally put to rest the argument that the US Constitution as a living document. The Constitution provides both our foundational principles and our national doctrine, which make our country both great and different than all other nations. The Constitution is the longest surviving document of its kind in history and the reasons for it are found within the document itself. Our Founding Fathers may not have known how technology would evolve, or, that we would experience a Civil War, but they did know that the Constitution would need to adapt to changes in culture. What they provided was a process that would allow our Constitution to adjust to changing conditions – the amendment process.

     An argument made is that the amendment process is difficult and cumbersome, which is a good thing as we would not want an easy process. However, since the process is difficult, we have opted to rely on the court system to “interpret” the constitution. “What did the original writers mean?”  The problem is that interpretation is too open to one’s philosophy, one’s biases, and one’s belief system. A constructionist interprets the Constitution as it is written, not as he wished it had been written. Those who believe in a “living constitution” believe that the opinion of the Supreme Court is more important than what the Constitution actually says.

     The living document philosophy is flawed, allowing personal biases and interests to weave into our constitutional system, thereby, allowing a tendency to drift towards justifying oppression on others. The courts have a history of making decisions that violate the will of the people, which is in stark contrast to “We the people”. “…the will of the majority shall prevail.” (Washington). “The will of the majority [is] the natural law of every society….” (Jefferson).

     We need to rely on the Constitution in a changing world but we must also protect the foundational principles and national doctrines contained within. Therefore, we must accept the established amendment process as well as pushing our legislators to pass laws as the founding fathers intended. The Constitution works perfectly when the interpreter is fixed on our Creator – the same one that is mentioned in our Declaration of Independence that endowed us with certain unalienable Rights. His Word is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The Word of God is living, but it will also never change.


The US Census Debate

     On Thursday, 27 June, the US Supreme Court will release its decision on whether the US Census for 2020 can include a question about whether you are a US Citizen or not. Many opinions abound regarding whether this question is legal, or, even whether it is moral. There are two perspectives in which we can consider the basis of a question regarding citizenry: the bible and the US Constitution. On March 26, 2018 the U.S. Dept of Commerce announced plans to re-include a citizenship question in the 2020 census questionnaire which has not been included on the short form since 1950. All indicators at this stage indicate that the census question will be approved.

     Proponents of including the question claimed it is necessary to gather an accurate statistical count, while opponents claimed it might suppress responses to the Decennial Census and therefore lead to an inaccurate count. Multiple states have sued the Trump administration arguing that the proposed citizenship question is unconstitutional and may intimidate illegal aliens and undocumented workers, resulting in inaccurate data on immigrant communities.

The Constitution:

  1. Citizenship is defined in the first clause of the first section of the Fourteenth Amendment as: All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside.
  2. The United States Census is a decennial census mandated by Article I, Section 2 of the United States Constitution, which states: “Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States … according to their respective Numbers.
  3. Title 13 of the United States Code governs how the Census is conducted and how its data is handled.

     In both the Old and New Testaments, the bible references a census as generally done for the purpose of taxation or military recruitment.

Old Testament:

     In addition to two military censuses in Numbers, a special numbering of the Levites was also performed. Rather than carry out military duties, these men were priests who served in the tabernacle. In Numbers 3:15 they were instructed to list every male who was 1 month old or older. The tally came to 22,000. In Numbers 4:46–48 Moses and Aaron listed all of the men between the ages of 30 and 50 who were eligible for service in the Tabernacle and transporting it, with the number counted being 8,580.

     In 2 Samuel 24:1-2, near the end of his reign, King David commissioned his leaders to conduct a census of the tribes of Israel from Dan to Beersheba. David’s commander, Joab, was reluctant to fulfill the king’s command knowing the census violated God’s command. While it’s not explicit in Scripture, David’s motivation for the census seemed to be rooted in pride and self-reliance.

     In 2 Chronicles 2:17-18, Solomon took a census of the foreigners in the land for the purpose of distributing laborers. He counted 153,600 and assigned 70,000 of them as common laborers, 80,000 as quarry workers in the hill country, and 3,600 as foremen. 

     Finally, during the time of Nehemiah, after the return of the exiles from Babylon to Jerusalem, a complete census of the people was recorded in Ezra 2.

New Testament:

     Two Roman censuses are found in the New Testament. The most well-known, of course, took place at the time of Jesus Christ’s birth, reported in Luke 2:1–5.

     “At that time the Roman emperor, Augustus, decreed that a census should be taken throughout the Roman Empire. (This was the first census taken when Quirinius was governor of Syria.) All returned to their own ancestral towns to register for this census. And because Joseph was a descendant of King David, he had to go to Bethlehem in Judea, David’s ancient home. He traveled there from the village of Nazareth in Galilee. He took with him Mary, his fiancée, who was now obviously pregnant.” (NLT).  The final census mentioned in the Bible was also recorded by Luke. In Acts 5:37, a census was conducted and Judas of Galilee had gathered a following but was killed and his followers scattered.

     According to the bible, people went back to their home towns and tribes to complete the census. 2 Chronicles 2:17-18 indicates that Solomon took a census of foreigners (immigrants) to help with distribution of labor. However, nothing is specified about “legal” status.

     According to the constitution, the purpose of the Census is to determine proper apportionment of US Representative Representation and tax distribution. The liberal agenda is opposed to this question but they do support the rights of illegal immigrants to vote, citing that they do pay taxes (primarily in the form of sales taxes). The conservative agenda is in support of the question being asked, but they also want tighter controls on immigration and do not believe that illegal immigrants hold to the same level of rights as those afforded to legal immigrants and citizens.

     There is nothing for you to do regarding the debate around the census but it should warrant your awareness. Whatever your “opinion” may be regarding this citizenship question, this decision will have an impact on your citizenry and governance philosophy. Ironically, another question that may be added to the census, but is not garnishing attention, is the “sexual status” of the census taker (gay, lesbian, transgender, etcetera). The sexual status question is supported by the LGBT community but it has not yet been decided if this question will be asked or not.


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The Story of Rehoboam

     One upon a time, in an ancient land, there was a king named Rehoboam. King Rehoboam had inherited the kingdom from his father, who was considered the wisest man in all the world. During the reign of his father, the land thrived, kings (and a queen) from all over the world would visit Rehoboams father to partake of his wisdom to see if he would impart something significant to them for their own kingdoms. Rehoboams father, and his father before him, was a devout follower of “the way”. 

     Now, the father of Rehoboam did make some mistakes and strayed from “the way” and it had been prophesied that the land might eventually suffer as a result of his infractions, but the land was still awesome at the time Rehoboam took the throne. One day, Rehoboam was confronted by a people asking that Rehoboam honor them just as his father had done, and, if he could find it in his heart, they asked Rehoboam if he would even offer them a little more freedom. Rehoboam, wanting to be wise, consulted with the same elders that had provided guidance to his father before him. These elders recommended that Rehoboam loosen the reigns a little more as these people were an honorable people. But, Rehoboam did not like that guidance, so he decided to ask his buddies, those that he had grown up with.

     Rehoboams friends told him that he should tighten the reigns and restrict the people even more, for they were focused on ways of old. There was no sound reasoning to this guidance other than they felt Rehoboam might appear weak if he allowed these people to live free, plus, the ways of his father were considered antiquated and not of the times. So, rather than listening to the counsel of the elders that had helped his nation thrive and grow, he listened to his young friends and told the people to get stuffed. Not only would he not give them more freedom, he restricted their activities even more and punished them further. 

     After turning away from the request and will of his people, they fought him and even killed one of Rehoboams servants. A rebellion was kicked off which lasted for hundreds of years. The people of the land grew angry and despised Rehoboam for the remainder of his reign. King Rehoboam had successfully divided his nation in only one generation. 

     At the time of Rehoboam, his generation had decided that they wanted to pursue their own activities, their own agenda. They wanted to establish their own moral code and, if necessary, they would push their code on to the people of the land. They had become naïve and weak due to the prosperity that their nation had achieved over the previous 80 years. It was their forefathers that had grown and conquered the land, it was their purpose to maintain it; however, they decided that the way to do it was to force a new belief system through violence and choice of words. A once successful and thriving nation, following established ways, had been torn apart. 

     A thousand years later, a new prophet would walk the land – the true story continues. The people of the nation had become negligent and, achieved such a level of weakness, they had been conquered and overrun by many different foreign nations and were currently occupied. This new prophet was advising the people that the world was renewed, that there was light in the darkness. But this new movement was under attack, the people of the movement were being tormented and, rather than fight the battle, they would just convert to the ways of the foreigners so that they could live in peace. They did not really believe in the foreign ways, but it was just easier to comply.

     But the prophet continued to preach, that there was wisdom and revelation in “The Way!”. If they kept “the way”, their eyes would be enlightened to the right understanding, that there is hope. While it is easier to conduct ourselves in a way that our bodies desire, “the way” is alive in mercy and love, as long as we stick together in grace. That if they kept “the way”, that the people will thrive, but they needed to keep the faith, not just methods and activities.

     The prophet reminded the people that if they remember what their lives were like before “the way” and compared their lives to “the way”, they were happier and more successful. It wasn’t until the foreigners started to attack “the way” that the people were made miserable and fearful. He reminded them they “the way” is a new covenant and was bound in the blood of those that preceded them in death. For, the people are one, by Spirit, and connected to the source of “the way”. 

     For this very reason, the prophet bowed his knee’s to “the way” so that he would be strengthened through the Spirit in his own body and spirit. He argued that the people should continue to walk worthy of “the way”, bearing one another in love and endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in a bond of peace. They should feel renewed in the spirit of their mind and speak truth with each other and their neighbors. It is perfectly acceptable to be angry, but do not allow this anger to fester or it would bring on bitterness. Only speak what is essential to the cause and necessary to maintain “the way”. 

     Let the bad people continue to do their thing, but feel free to speak out against the new thing, against the foreigners, for while it may seem dark, the people of “the way” will bring light to the darkness enveloping the world. However, beware of letting bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor and evil speaking, put away all malice. Walk circumspectly but not as fools. Do not be unwise but understand the will of “the way”. We are not wrestling with people of flesh and blood but against rulers and authorities of evil. 

Concluding Analysis:

     Rehoboam allowed “the way” to be overcome with the progressive movement of personal agendas and power of his contemporaries, and his nation was divided as a result. A thousand years later, the people were beginning to wake up to the reality that they were happier and more successful when they followed “the way”, it was only when they were attacked for their beliefs that they would be tempted to stray and were miserable as a result. It is possible to be happy, even while being persecuted. It is ok to speak out in anger against this persecution, but, this anger must be dealt with before going to bed each night; hence, we should remain on guard against bitterness, wrath, and malice. All is done with love as the motivation, saying only what is necessary for edification. This is what it is like when we follow “the way”.


The Equality Act (An Update)

The Equality Act passes the House of Representatives.

The equality act, officially known as H.R.5, passed the House on 17 May 2019and has been submitted to the Senate.  Eight republicans passed the bill while 100% of the democratic base voted for the act.

A link to an article about the possible impact on the Christian Faith can be found here, facilitated by the Liberty Counsel.

A link to the actual text of the act can be found here. If you have not read this bill, I would encourage you to read it for yourself (do not just take my word for it) so that you can get an understanding of the breadth of the impact that this will have on the Christian faith.
The spirit of the act will allow the government to dictate to you what you believe about biological sex and the covenant of marriage just for starters. Your faith and religious belief have no bearing.  The members of the progressive and liberal parties have stated that you will believe what they believe or you will be forced to believe it. If your religious beliefs are different then you will have to get in line with the new belief system or suffer severe federal penalties. When the act was in committee in the House, the minority republican members of the committee worked to include a clause in the Act that would allow the church (i.e., all churches, including Judaism and Islam) to maintain their standards of faith; this attempt was immediately shot down and crushed by the majority democrat members, telling the minority embers that this was the intent.
The act, as written and presented, is unprecedented in US History according to Dave Barton of Wallbuilders. As one of the dominant constitutional and governmental scholars, Dave Barton argued that this is the most intrusive and invasive act that he is aware of. This act is the greatest threat we’ve ever had to religious liberty and the free exercise thereof, ever, in American history.
If this act passes the Senate, churches will be required to hire members of the LGBTQ community, including leadership positions; statements of faith will not apply and will be null and void. 
  • If members of the LQBTQ community decide to become members of the church, they must be allowed to serve as ushers and greeters. 
  • Pastors and teachers will NOT be allowed to teach sermons or make reference to scripture that speaks negatively of the sin of homosexuality. The truth of the bible does not matter. Pastors and elders will not be allowed to discourage discussions in the sanctuary or anywhere on church grounds that are in full support of the LGBTQ lifestyle. What if an LGBTQ member wants to teach a class on the subject to the children of the church or host a lifegroup? Church staff will need to encourage this lifegroup just as they do all others.
  • Faith based adoption agencies will be shut down if they refuse to place children into homes of those that include same sex couples or cross dressers.
  • Faith based schools and colleges must hire LGBTQ members or be unaccredited or shut down entirely.
  • What about youth groups?

This act also serves as a potential attack on women:

  • Men must be allowed into woman’s sports teams if they decide that they feel like a woman.
  • Men will be allowed into every woman’s restroom – this will no longer be a state by state issue
  • Men will be allowed to occupy homes that currently provide a service to sexually abused women.

The bill in front of the Senate is categorized as S.788 and is currently sitting in front of the Judicial Committee of the Senate.  Read the bill for yourself, it will blow you away. Also, please be aware that 47 members of the Senate are already on bored for the Senate bill, we are precariously close to watching the free liberty of religion be destroyed. 

So, if this is something that concerns you, what can you do?

   1.    Go to sign the petition sponsored by the liberty counsel. You can probably find similar positions on other websites such as the Heritage Foundation or Family Research Counsel.

  1. Go to the following website for the US Senate and find your applicable Senators (remember that you have two).
    1. Go to your Senators contact page and send them an email letting them know your views about this act

The Declaration of Independence, drafted by Thomas Jefferson and edited by his fellow delegates, contains a theory of rights that depends on a Supreme Being, not man, for its validity. The Declaration states that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” It is possible to see in these words an affirmation of the Founders’ religious faith. Arguing for our religious rights DOES NOT mean that we hate or despise members of the LGBTQ community. We love all, even if the bill should pass the Senate. Nonetheless, this bill is terrifying in that it will force people to violate their religious convictions and discriminates against people of faith. If we go back over 200 years, government persecution of religious freedom was one of the pillars that forced the United States to separate from Great Britain.

In stating that people’s rights were given to them by their creator, the Continental Congress endowed those rights with a legitimacy that knows no parallel in mortal sources (i.e., written by man). What God has given to man cannot be suffered by any monarch or government (this is in the Declaration). Liberty is the inviolable birthright of all.  If a man wants to marry a man or a woman a woman, they can do so. I believe that most members of the LGBTQ will leave churches alone, as well as faith based small businesses; but, there will be enough that will force the issue on others for media attention and lawsuit purposes.

The Declaration contains several other references to a higher power. The introduction states that the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” entitle the American people to a separate and equal station among the powers of the earth. In the conclusion, Congress appeals to “the Supreme Judge of the world” for the rectitude of its intentions and professes its “firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence.” In each case, reference to a deity serves to validate the assertion of independence.

Bottom line is that our nation was founded based on the principle of God given rights above all others. This legislation will violate the provision of those God given rights. If you concur then I would encourage you to sign the petition in this email, as well as other petitions of you find them. Also, write to your Senator letting them know your position.


Collapse of American Culture?

Note: this post is taken and rewritten from an idea expressed by Lance Wallnau.

Regardless of your religious affiliation, or lack of one, this ought to catch the attention of all concerned; nevertheless, the issue expressed in the attached article is clearly another step towards the collapse of parental rights and American Culture in general.  This is a dangerous precedent being set here for all parents, current and future.

In Ohio, for now, children under the age of 18 are being removed from parents custody if the child desires a gender transition and the parents refuse.  The legal decision is being made via an alliance of liberal lawmakers (liberal lawyers and liberal judges) who are siding against the wishes of the family (whether due to religious beliefs or not). This type of action is not necessarily new but this new action has taken a dangerous twist. Courts are now ordering fathers and mothers to turn over their children to the power of judges who support the gender reassignment agenda. Children are being taken from parents by the state so the children can receive state-sponsored injections to change their sex. Families that refuse to support their child’s sex change can lose custody of their sons and daughters.

In this instance, Judge Sylvia Hendon removed the child from parents’ custody solely because the parents would not consent to giving their daughter gender-suppressing, gender-manipulating, hormone-manipulating drugs. Never before in American history has this happened that we know of. Judge Hendon’s ruling is even more extreme in that she charges legislators to draft criteria to help the courts decide whether and when minor children have a right to obtain sex change drugs without parents’ intervention. She implies that government officials and medical professionals, “who will profit” from this, care more about the child than the parents. While this isn’t just an issue of parental rights, it is clearly also a religious freedom issue!

Think about what is happening. This judicial invasion of family rights is a manifestation of wreckless overreach and ignorance at a moral, intellectual and constitutional level. First, it is an assault on personal liberty, religious liberty and the fundamental protection of citizens from the tyranny of government at levels not seen since the Founders rebelled against King George! This blatant assault on the beliefs of parents actually expands the power of activists over any rights of parents regardless of belief – even scientific rejection of the spurious and often contradictory research underlying the whole gender fluidity field. 

Secondly, and perhaps, more importantly, is the issue of the maturity of children in making this decision. The girl in this particular story is 17 but, if a child of 12 to15 years of age is capable of making such a fundamental and life-altering decision regarding their own gender and the medical procedures needed to make such decisions permanent, should they not also be judged mature enough to leave home, drive a car, get a job, drink, marry, get drafted, and own a gun?

And if not – why?

What if, large what if, the same activists who advance this agenda will say, “why should they not have these rights?” And the reason they would say so is that they would also get the right to vote. I think they can. We may soon have 16 year old children voting.

Ohio groups fight back after parents lose custody of daughter for refusing gender ‘transition’